Rooms for students in Barcelona

Rooms for students in Barcelona: The best advices



Living with other students is often the first experience.. Leaving your family is a completely new situation since you have to learn to live by yourself and share with others. This can be a difficult experience at the beginning, but it can also be a fun and memorable experience!


As it’s often said, during your Erasmus you will cry two times. The first time when you leave your family and your friends, and the second time when you leave your friends and flatmates abroad.


Some students choose to live with friends  because it can be a way to feel more confident when living in a new city. Some of them may decide to share an apartment together and live in separate rooms for students in Barcelona. Others instead, they want the challenge of living in a completely new environment with people they do not know. Any of these options are available in LiveFurther.


If you are looking for rooms for students in Barcelona, the following tips will interest you:


If you don’t know anything about Barcelona and you want to avoid abusive landlords, LiveFurther is your website. We’ll provide you a fully-furnished rooms for students in Barcelona.  Indeed, we have a wide range of apartments around the city, so you enjoy the life in Barcelona at its fullest. We take care of everything!


We have an all inclusive rent policy , providing you with utilities such as Wi-Fi and cleaning service. In order to make it easier for you, you can also choose a themed rooms for students in Barcelona as for example the Paris flat, San Francisco Flat and a Venice Flat.

We also offer a free smooth arrival! Don’t worry about catching a taxi or a bus from the airport, we will take you from the airport and drive you to your new home. If you have any issues during your rental, don’t worry, because our Spanish and English online support is available all day long.


While searching for one of the rooms for students that we have available in Barcelona, you will be able to watch a flat tour video. We give you the opportunity to watch a video of the surrounding area as well to check what’s available around your flat. If you think this flat is definitely for you, book it securely with us and the room will be put on hold waiting for your arrival.



If you need more information, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and to help you find some rooms for students in Barcelona