Rent room in Barcelona

Rent room in Barcelona



When moving into a new city, in this case Barcelona, the first thing you will have to find is an accommodation; thus to rent room in Barcelona.  


In order to make your choice easier, LiveFurther provides you with a wide range of apartments where you can feel like home. If you want to avoid expensive rooms, abusive landlords or you just don’t know where to start looking from, don’t worry, we have already work it all out for you.


LiveFurther aims to provide you with assistance when looking for a rent room in Barcelona. We are specialized in finding a fare-price solution for your housing needs. We are always on the search for best prices while providing you with a great experience in the city.


Rent room in Barcelona will no longer be an issue. If you work with us, you will be able to enjoy your stay without having to worry about bad neighbors and abusive landlords.


Before moving

There are plenty of website offering all kind of accommodations when looking for rent room in Barcelona.  If you are still not sure which is the best option for you and you have questions which nobody has been able to answer, LiveFurther will do it.


If you are worry not getting what you will pay for or if you are worry to not get your deposit back, LiveFurther will guarantee you the most safe, comfortable and nice accommodation during your stay.


Moving in

A whole new city to discover and you don’t know how to start. When you rent room in Barcelona with LiveFurther you will feel like home. We help you to connect with the city from the beginning.

Your arrival will be smooth since we take you from the airport to your new rent room in Barcelona. Everything is included during your stay in the city: sheets, blankets, pillow,...


Settling into your new home

Now is time to get to know you flatmates. That is an important moment since you will share your experience abroad with them. Living together with others may be difficult at first but LiveFurther ensures assistance and support in case you don’t feel at ease in your new accommodation.


Rent room in Barcelona issues

Finally, booking and renting a room may seem an odyssey due to the paperwork involved. But in LiveFurther, we say again: Don’t worry. We manage the relationship with your landlord from day one and we take care of any legal issue.


LiveFurther is different from other accommodation options in the city. Rent room in Barcelona with LiveFurther will provide you with a room ready to move in, a smooth arrival and a welcome package so you don’t feel like a stranger.


Moving in with LiveFurther has never been so easy!