Barcelona Apartments

Barcelona Apartments


Why just renting a single room while staying in Barcelona? Now renting Barcelona Apartments right in the heart of the city is as easy as renting a single room.


Thanks to our new online project, you will have access to a full list of Barcelona Apartments near your school or office center. In Barcelona there is a large offer with different kind of accommodations since the city holds around 7.5 million tourist visits throughout the year.


Based on 2013 Barcelona tourism consortium statistics, the city held a new record of 7.5 million tourists, increasing by 1,8% the number of visitors from previous year. Its climate, its cultural heritage and the ability to attract major international fairs and congresses has increased the demand for new and better Barcelona apartments in order to better the overall tourist infrastructure in the city.  


From the statistics above, one can image the amount of Barcelona apartments existing in the city, not only to host international visitors but also to accommodate national visits from outside of the Catalan region.


Based on the numbers, the international tourism has grew by 4,1% in 2013 which is slightly less than the amount of national tourism.  In comparison to international tourism, national tourism has grew by 6,4% in 2013.


In order to fit the increase in demand, LiveFurther has worked day and night in order to have a wide range of Barcelona Apartments around the city near the best well-known tourist attractions.  We spend time and money in order to meet the best Barcelona apartments owners to assure you a high-standard accommodation.


In Barcelona there are many Barcelona apartments but not all fit our specific requirements. We meet and talk to each of the landlords and we filter out the best Barcelona apartments so they meet your needs and wants. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and we are always in contact with the best landlords in the city.


We have a vast portfolio of Barcelona apartments for monthly rentals that allow us to satisfy any of your needs by offering flexible leases, ideal for independent workers, employees in service duty, executives, teachers, investigators, postgraduate students or for anyone who wishes to live in one of our Barcelona Apartments and to enjoy the city at its fullest.


In LiveFurther we also manage a selection of flats and Barcelona apartments for long stays. So, if you want to stay for a long period of type we can also provide you with the right solution for your needs.


Check out our website in order to get the complete list of our recent Barcelona apartments.