Frequently Asked Questions


Who can stay with Live Further? Anyone who is aged between 18 and 30 years old, and is coming to Barcelona to study or work.

Do you accept couples? We rent our rooms to individuals only, and as such do not accept couples.

Minimum and maximum stay The minimum stay is 1 month and the maximum stay is 11 months.

I found a room I like - Can I visit it in person before booking? Yes, of course! We’d be more than happy to show you our flats in person.

Cancelation  If you decide to leave earlier than stated, you can do so with no extra cost by giving us written notice 30 days in advance.

When will I get my deposit back? Your deposit is transferred back to you within 30 days after your departure.

What benefits does Live Further bring? Online matching, free airport transfer, smooth settlement, an active community, ongoing support.

How does the airport transfer work? If you will be arriving at Barcelona Airport (El Prat de Llobregat) on the same day as your check-in, we can provide free airport transfer to take you directly to your flat. We only require your flight information, and at least 72 hours notice of your arrival to make the arrangements.

How can I check-in? You can check-in any time after 15:00 and before 20:00 on the day you reserve from. If a reservation starts on a weekend or public holiday, then the check-in will take place on the next business day. Check-in involves signing the lease, handing over keys, and an area tour.

How can I check-out? Check-out can take place at any time which is convenient for you.



Why do I need to provide my home adress? The contracts between the landlords and the tenants are temporary. This means that the room to be booked is not the permanent address of the tenant but a temporary housing for work or study purposes.

What documents do I need during the booking procedure? A pdf of your passport and the acceptance letter of your univeristy or company enrollment.

Why do you have to approve my booking? We must approve your booking in order to validate that you are a good match for your potential flatmates.

When do I sign my rental contract? Although your contract is available in the customer area you will sign it upon arrival.

In which language will I sign my rental contract? The rental contract will be signed in the country's local language. Nevertheless, we can provide an English copy so you have a clear idea of what you are signing.



How does the payment system work?

  • When booking: one time Live Further fee.
  • Once you arrive: security deposit (equal to one month’s rent) + first month rent
  • During your stay: monthly paying of the rent (at every beginning of the month)

How do you pay? Live Further's fee is to be paid through our online PayPal gateway. Deposit and monthly rent must be in cash or via bank transfer. The bank account is available in your customer area. All payments must be in euros.

When should I pay the monthly rent? We expect you to pay the monthly rent in the first 5 days of the month.


What is included in the rent?All utility bills (water, gas and electricity), Wi-Fi, monthly cleaning of common areas are included in the rent. However, we encourage you to use the utilities responsibly and therefore there is a limit in the consumption from which onwards it is considered that there is a missuse.
Towels and the first bedding pack (duvet, pillow, linen) are provided upon arrival and collected at the end.

What are the guest policies?Daily visitors are allways allowed. Guests staying over the night can only stay in your room and during weekends. This therefore excludes sleeping in the common areas and guests staying on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and sunday night.

Can I smoke in my room?Unfortunately not. All Live Further accommodations are non-smoking.