THE TEAMThis is the team that makes everything in this company possible bringing you all the services you need for an awesome stay in Barcelona.For more info click on the avatars below

Marc is the person with whom everything started back in 2013, when Live Further was founded, and his motivation has only been increasing since that day. Every morning he welcomes the members of LF team with true exhilaration, passing on his optimism to every single person he meets, but what is the thing that fascinates Marc most about his company? That is of course the possibility of living an endless experience of international exchange! Marc‘s head is full of ideas of how to help the people around him, but above all, how to help foreigners who, due to their limited knowledge of Spanish, are very often at a disadvantage in comparison to the locals.

Born in Barcelona, Marc is in love with its mountains and beaches, the uniqueness of Gaudí's architecture and, of course, he is a great fan of Barça! Without any exaggeration, it can be said that Marc is a man of many trades - in his free time he enjoys reading and learning new things, observing and getting to know people, playing football and paddle, visiting his lovely grandmother or getting lost in Barcelona riding his motorbike.