Living in Barcelona

Living in Barcelona



The three following factors are perhaps the most popular among people when living in Barcelona.


The beach and the Mediterranean climate are appealing to most people. Barcelona has a wide range of beaches that answer all kind of demands since they are all equipped with showers, small sport areas and beach bars that open both day and night throughout the summer.


Living in Barcelona means ​​enjoying the Mediterranean food at its fullest. The great mediterranean food culture and its pleasant climate describe perfectly how it is like to live in Barcelona.


Another important factor when living in Barcelona is Gaudi, the famous architect; during his career, he dressed Barcelona with his unique designs. Large and highly recognized buildings as the Holy Family, Park Güell or Casa Batlló attract large numbers of tourists all year around. Every year more and more people from all around the world are visiting Barcelona due to its architectural and design interest.


Living in Barcelona; the city of incoming trends

Barcelona has given a good welcome to coworking, becoming one of the first European cities to join this new trend. Living in Barcelona is a great experience, not only for its architecture but also for its collaborative workspaces which are growing year by year around the most known neighbourhoods of Gracia and Poble Nou.


Environmental concerns have also increased in importance in the last years. Nowadays there are a large number of local stores offering organic products grown either in urban food gardens or outside in the city.


Barcelona has other appealing interests. In the last years, the city has grown on sustainable, second hand or vintage markets, including the remodeling of Els Encants, a very well-known flea market in the city.


Outdoor activities when living in Barcelona


Living in Barcelona gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outskirts of the city. If you like running or cycling, Barcelona offers plenty of routes where you can practice your favorite sport all year around. You can also play "streetball" in any of the public parks available, skate along the seashore, play beach volleyball in most of the public beaches and even practice yoga and tai-chi in the Ciutadella park.


Living in Barcelona allows you to climb the Foixarda, where you can find a public climbing wall, considered the largest in Europe. Not far from Barcelona, there are also other places to play sports surrounded by nature: With spectacular views of the city, Collserola Natural Park is a paradise for cyclists and mountain lovers.



Living in Barcelona has its advantages, here we have highlighted some of them but if you are willing to live in Barcelona, ​​LiveFurther will help you find the room that best fits your needs and will answer any question or concern while living in Barcelona.