Top 5 rooftop bars in Barcelona

Top 5 rooftop bars in Barcelona

28/07/2016 13:44:38
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Top 5 rooftop bars in Barcelona by LiveFurther!

After spending some time in Barcelona I was getting a bit tired of all the touristic attractions. By accident I went for a drink at a rooftop bar. The view was spectacular, I saw the beautiful sunset of Barcelona, the décor from the bar was amazing and the food and drinks were fabulous. I would recommend everybody to go to a rooftop bar as soon as they have the chance. My top 10 of rooftop bars I would love to share with you.

1. Ohla Terazza Chill-Out

In the city centre of Barcelona you will find hotel Ohla. You can find the terrace from the hotel ‘Terazza Chill-Out’ on the eighth floor. It’s a wonderful terrace were you can chill and relax after a busy day in the touristic city centre. You will have a beautiful view over the city and the terrace itself is also really cool. There are some fine seats if you’re with a small group, but if you are with a larger group there are also some really chill lounge sofas. 

Location: Via Laietana 49, 08003 Barcelona  Opening times: Monday - Sunday from 19:00 h till 01:00 h 

2. Hotel Majestic 

At the rooftop of Hotel Majestic you will find the bar ‘La Dolce Vitae’. The view is spectacular and they have a various champagne and cocktail assortment. They also have really nice appetizers, picked by the Catalan chef Nandu Jubani (he has 1 Michelin star). Appetizers such as salmon blinis with caviar and sour cream, assorted sushi, a sandwich with beef, oysters and more. Also, there are DJ’s that take care of some really nice music.

Tip: Does the appetizers on the terrace taste to more? Chef Nandu Jubany is the owner of restaurant Can Jubany. This restaurant is located in a village outside Barcelona.

Location: Paseo de Gracia 68, 08007 Barcelona   Opening times: Monday – Sunday from 09:00 h till 02:00 h

3. Hotel Condes de Barcelona 

You can find the rooftop bar 'Alaire' on the eighth floor from the Condes de Barcelona hotel. The bar is decorated very trendy and you will have an amazing view at the Sagrada Familia. During the summer on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday night you will also find a DJ playing some really good music at the bar. They have some really nice appetizers, for example caprese salad, a wrap, burgers, but also some tapas dishes like patatas bravas, nachos with guacamole, fried fish, ham and croquettes. 

Location: Paseo de Garcia 73-75, 08008 Barcelona Opening times: Monday - Sunday from 12:00 h till 02:00 h 

4. Hotel Pulitzer 

This terrace 'Visit up' will look like an oasis in the middle of the city centre from Barcelona. There are many plants, a lot of wooden decoration and cosy lighting. Another nice thing to know is that the hotel organises an after-work drink every Wednesday. During this drink there is often some live music and the barman Marc Goma-Camps will make some new cocktails. So every Wednesday there will be a new cocktail introduced and if people like it, they can find the recipe on the website from the terrace. 

Tips: If you love live music and if you love to spend some time with locals, then this bar is the ultimate place for you on a Wednesday night.

Location: Calle Bergara 8, 08002 Barcelona Opening times: May - September everyday from 18:00 h till 00:00 h  

 5. Grand Hotel Central 

At the roof of Grand Hotel Central you will find the rooftop bar from the hotel, named 'Sky Bar'. The bar is opened from March 25th till October 31st. They have the best drinks (a lot of international cocktails), Mediterranean dishes, very relaxing musci, comfortable lounge sofas and an amazing view over the city. Another nice thing about this bar is that there is enough shadow, so you don't have to sit in the sun all the time. 

Good to know is that the bar is only open for hotel guests. It opens after 20:00 h for non hotel guests, but only guests who had diner at the hotel's restaurant can go to the bar. 

Location: Via Laietana 30, 08003 Barcelona Opening times: April - Oktober from 21:00 h till 01:00 h