Food truck festivals in Barcelona

Food truck festivals in Barcelona

06/07/2016 13:14:18
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5 Best food truck festivals in Barcelona | By LiveFurther

A wonderful sun, catching up, socializing with friends and in the background some fine music. Perhaps, along with a refreshing drink and a snack to eat, the main ingredients for food truck festivals. I've been in Barcelona for over six weeks now and I randomly ran in to several food truck festivals. I really love this sort of festivals and I would really recommend you to visit one when you're staying in Barcelona. 

What exactly is a food truck festival? 

Food truck festivals are (often freely accessible) festivals where you can enjoy the most delicious street food. Many mobile kitchens, often in the form of a car or caravan will make sure that the area is transformed into a huge outdoor restaurant. You can choose to eat your food standing or to just sit on one of the nice seats that you'll often find. Most of the festivals are accompanied with some really nice background music, which is sometimes even provided by a nice live band! The sun makes it perfect... a food truck festival is really for fun, to taste different snacks and even to properly relax!

Street food in Barcelona

On food truck festivals you'll find the most unusual street food. Street food is actually eating what you buy on the street. It is ready-to-go, often very cheap and often sold from a stall or food truck. Many people think that street food is fast food, but to be real, it's not. You can order very healthy dishes or pick up delicious smoothies or fruit salads, this is what streat food really is. Each car has its own specialty. During a food truck festival you often see diverse cuisines from around the world, such as Surinam, Thai or even tasty Spanish food. A food truck festival is the ideal way to discover local dishes in an inexpensive way. 

Fun fact: Actually the law in Catalonia is that you should not sell food on the street, only when there are very special events. Fortunately there is now more flexibility with it, since it's totally booming. Street food may now be sold at various events... 


I'm from the Netherlands and in the Netherlands you may see food truck festivals only in the summer. Enjoying the sunshine in a park, with some delicous food. In Barcelona and its surroundings you can actually look for food truck festivals throughout the whole year, even in the winter there are some food truck festivals! Of course it's true that most festivals take place in the high season, from March to September but even in the winter months you can go to food truck festivals in Barcelona. 

The ones you should definitely visit

Van Van Market

Gastronomic delights can be found at Van Van Market! During this festival all the food is sold from caravans that have been transformed into small kitchens. It's hard to choose a dish, because there are so many different goodies. Hamburgers with patatas bravas to pretzels or even pulled pork. There are many editions throughout the year at different locations. Every edition is unique, but what Van Van wants to pursue is that the essence is the same, namely to enjoy quality food on the street. Keep your eyes peeled for the next editions! 

Piknic Electronik

Enjoy electronic music with the atmosphere of a picnic. Piknic Electronik gives you a real summer feeling! Perhaps the event is not really a food truck festival, but I think this festival is definitely worth mentioning. Since 2015 you can directly pick up food at one of the nice food trucks at Picnik Elektronic festival. With about 25 food trucks, there is something for everyone's taste. The festival will take place two times a month every Sunday from June till September. 

Eat Street

Eat Street isn't just a festival involving food trucks, but it's a festival where it concerns the concept of street food! It doesn't matter if you, as a chef, have a food truck or not, nor wheter you have a restaurant or not. The thing that matters is that you're passionate, sincere and adventurous about food and that the dishes you make are delicious. Eat Street is a sort of 'playground' for the chiefs, they can create something new and you as a guest can try it first. Additionally, they have a nice  rule that the dishes may not cost more than €5,-. The festival takes place every month, so there must be a day that you can go! 

Sound Eat

That music and food go well together is proven by Sound Eat! Sound Eat is a music festival where gastronomy plays a major role. You experience all kinds of fun and straps and on the site you will find a large food truck 'street' with the most delicious street food ever. Children are welcome; between 13:00 and 17:00 there are great recreational activities organized for the kids. 

Sabadell Veggie Fest

This food truck festival is not in Barcelona, but a 40-minute train ride away in Sabadell. You'll find the Sabadell Veggie Fest around September each year. This festival is an ecology and vegetarianism guide and it also has concerts, workshops, lectures, organic products and of course: food trucks. You can nibble on the treats the dozens of food trucks offer, all with vegetarian and organic products! The festival is all geniality. It's accessible to everyone and it really is a festive day in the village.